New Development Opportunities

Vita Homes is passionate about building new homes and continually seeks development opportunities in London and the South East of England. Whether you have a house on a large plot of land, an area of garden you do not use or an oddment of land that you believe may be suitable for development, we would be very interested in discussing this with you. Our land team will provide you with professional and confidential advice on your land and make you an offer with no obligation on your part.

Through our ethical approach and professionalism, Vita Homes enjoys strong relationships with all our land clients, working closely with them and ensuring all our business matters are conducted openly and honestly. We liaise with our clients at every stage of the planning process and work around their needs and requirements.

As a privately owned company we are not hampered by a top heavy management structure, which means we are able to move swiftly when a new opportunity arises. Subject to an acceptable offer, Vita Homes will handle all costs incurred from obtaining planning permission at no cost to the land owner.

Our experienced land team are happy to assess the merits of any opportunity and unlock any development potential. If you are interested in selling part of your garden or a larger site to Vita Homes, please contact us